Global Media Firm Launches Native Ad Channel Via Data-Driven Agency

Global media company Matomy Media Group on Thursday said its data-driven advertising agency, dubbed "mtmy" will offer native advertising as a fully managed service on mobile and desktop. In addition, the agency has added native to its other channel offerings including social, search, programmatic, video, and more. The goal is to help clients boost user acquisition, retention, and brand engagement with targeted campaigns.

Matomy said it views native as a form of paid media that is in-feed and inherently non-disruptive. It also pointed out that native advertising content distribution platforms are complex, so advertisers find it challenging to navigate the landscape. For example, they must select the appropriate native media platforms, produce engaging content, and identify the best ad formats to use.

In addition, Matomy said, native ad platforms Outbrain and Taboola are partners.

“While native ads are growing in popularity, native advertising campaigns are difficult to manage in-house, even for experienced teams,” Mor Meroz, VP Revenue, mtmy and myDSP, told Real-Time Daily via email.



The agency aims to ensure that the right ad is shown to the right user at the right time to optimize the success of native campaigns. “Advertisers benefit from more control over ad distribution. Dozens of our clients are already running native campaigns with mtmy, and they recognize the value of leveraging experienced media buyers in order to launch highly-targeted and controlled campaigns to increase brand engagement and user acquisition and retention,” Meroz said.

Matomy said the agency can create customized and targeted campaigns based on technology that identifies high lifetime-value and “lookalike” users with behavioral patterns that are similar to the existing customer base.

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